Ecotor Sectional Garage Doors

Our EcoTor range of sectional garage doors represent the very best from European panel manufacturers, door hardware suppliers and automation specialists combined into a product that is quite simply the best on the market.

Our doors are the first and only sectional garage doors on the WA market to feature double-skinned, 40mm thick insulated panels fully imported from Europe. These panels provide protection and insulation above and beyond anything else available today.

The Industry Standard

Manufacturing these panels correctly requires years of experience as well as sophisticated equipment and technology and a significant investment in capital. There are only a handful of companies that can bring this product to market at a reasonable price point with the quality you would expect. There are numerous products tha may appear similar at first glance, but not all will stand the test of time.

Through our panel suppliers EPCO and Italpannelli we can provide our customers with not only the highest quality insulated panels, but also an extensive range of style and colour options.

Form and Function

EcoTor panels are desirable for more than just their thermal and acoustic insulation, they also make for a far sturdier door which allows for smoother and quieter door operation. The panels contribute greatly to the door’s superior look and feel, especially from inside the garage where conventional single-skin sectional doors are hollow.

With a vast array of options and opportunities for customisation each door is unique to the customer and can become a detailed and stylish addition to your home.

Advanced Track System

Our state of the art RES and RSC track systems from FlexiForce comply with stringent European safety standards.

The unique design features an additional profile on the guide rail which increases strength and improves finger safety while allowing for the attachment of a rubber seal to completely close the garage opening.

Combined with our insulated panels this provides a door with the highest levels of insulation from heat, noise, water and dust while also providing maximum burglar protection.

FlexiForce RSC Brochure

Superior Automation

Our doors come fitted with automation from leading German brands Marantec and Sommer. These cutting edge units provide customers with the highest levels of functionality, energy efficiency, convenience and safety along with whisper-quiet operation and unparalleled reliability.

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, these are the only operators on the market that have been certified for 80,000 open/close cycles by independent third party endurance testing and come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Commercial Solutions

EcoTor sectional doors can be adapted to suit a variety of intensive-use and commercial applications. With all the features of the residential door plus heavy duty springs and hardware with specialty automation to make it the perfect addition to your warehouse or workshop.

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